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Most couples have to cut back on their wedding budgets at some point so I was staggered recently when I got chatting to a bride who told me that she was spending close on £1,000 on bespoke wedding stationery!  Realising that the bride’s spend on stationery was totally out of proportion to the rest of her wedding, I went home and thought about the last wedding I attended as a guest and exactly what was memorable about it.

So, your wedding budget what to spend on what?

After answering my own questions, I set about asking my colleagues and friends the same questions and, pretty much, our answers were very similar. Here’s the results:

What was the venue like? – Lovely, welcoming and perfect for the occasion.

What were the flowers like and what colour? – Can’t remember.

What was the cake like? – Can’t remember. Not sure we saw it.

What did the bride wear? – A beautiful dress and she looked stunning.

What were her shoes like? – Didn’t notice.

What headdress did the bride wear, flowers or tiara? – Don’t know.

What colour were the bridesmaid dresses and what style? – Red and long.

How many bridesmaid’s were there? – Don’t know.

What make and colour car did the bride arrive in? – Not sure.

What did the groom wear? – Possibly tails but not sure.

What did you eat? – Not sure exactly but we remember thinking it was very nice.

What was the entertainment like? – Brilliant. We remember a steel band for reception drinks, a swing band for the evening, a roaming caricaturist and a fabulous firework display.

Was there an evening buffet? – Can’t remember.

Were there favours on the table? – Not sure. Possibly.

Was there a guestbook? – Yes and we signed it.

Were there chair covers and, if so, what colour? – Can’t remember.

What was the wedding stationery like? – Don’t know. We kept the invitation until the wedding day in order to have the wedding details and then threw it away!

Where To Spend And Where To Save

Everyone I spoke to remembered the bride’s dress which is probably the most important thing to get right, followed closely by the choice of wedding venue.  It doesn’t have to be grand, but it has to be right for your style, guests and budget.  Next up was the entertainment – truly the making of a great celebration and each and everyone remembered this.  Flowers, cakes, shoes, table favours, cars, bridesmaids dresses – these all seem to be hazy areas which are easily forgotten. We’re not suggesting that these are not important factors in a wedding, but perhaps just not something to get too stressed about and spend too much time and money on.

Oh, and as for the wedding stationery, whatever you spend, it will most probably end up in the bin!

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