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Wedding, dance and party tips from the UK's best Swing Band

Last weekend we were invited to a very dear friend’s wedding. It’s been quite a while since we were guests at a wedding and not performing at one and we were really looking forward to a wonderful evening.

Well, despite the fact that they had a great band, great production and superb lighting, we found ourselves digging out our ear-plugs. It was deafening. We noticed a few guests sloping off early without being seen (although we saw them!). Now we’re no prudes, we know there’s a time and place for loud music – we run a disco – but this was excessive volume and there was no escape.

Sadly, we know that this kind of problem is very commonplace at weddings and parties. That’s why Simply Swing has built its reputation on playing at a sensible volume. Our state of the art technology and carefully selected repertoire and band line-ups are all carefully constructed to give you the best possible party. We are quiet enough to allow conversation and yet still loud enough to dance to.

At Simply Swing we actually want your guests to enjoy the party. We don’t want to make them go home early – where’s the fun in that? We believe that weddings and parties are for everyone to enjoy, the die-hard party animals and the guests who want to just chat and catch up on old times. The good news is, it is possible to have both.

The party and wedding band options from Simply Swing come in different sizes from a Trio to an 8 piece band. Our live sets are flexible too, from one hour upwards. We play anywhere and everywhere, all over the world.

Discover more about what Simply Swing can do for your party on our parties and celebrations webpage.

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