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Not yet available to purchase in the UK, we’re thrilled to be able to tell you that we’ve just taken delivery of a white baby grand piano shell from Holland.  This unique and clever design will add elegance and sophistication to any event.

A baby grand piano shell I hear you say, what exactly is that?

White Baby Grand Piano Shell Hire

Well, for those of you who must have the look of a real baby grand piano, it’s just that – the look of a baby grand piano from the front, but behind is a portable electronic piano carefully placed inside the shell and plugged into a small PA system.  To put it simply, the shell is a portable keyboard stand, shaped like a baby grand piano, made from engineered polyester, sprayed in high gloss white and with folding aluminium legs.  It’s the perfect solution to replace a conventional electric keyboard stand and looks stunning.

Easily transportable and lightweight this portable shell can be assembled quickly and measures 146 cm wide x 30 high x 100 deep.

There are so many situations where a portable grand piano comes into it’s own.  At a wedding, for instance, when the room and lighting is fabulous but where an electronic keyboard on a stand would just not look the part.  In a hotel lobby, at a product launch, at a festival or concert hall, community centre or even your sitting room!  Maybe you’re planning a photoshoot on the beach.  A white baby grand piano on the beach, how cool is that?

We often hear the phrase “people hear with their eyes”.  Consequently a piano sounds better when we see one (despite the tone source) and that’s just how the human mind works.

Our pianist is available to hire for any event but we are now able to offer you three different options:

  • A pianist to play an acoustic grand piano already at your chosen venue/house.
  • A pianist to play and supply an electric keyboard on a conventional keyboard stand with a small PA system.
  • A pianist to play and supply an electric keyboard tucked inside our baby grand piano shell with small PA system.Enquiry today on 0203 507 1988 or follow us on Facebook and see all the pictures from our recent events.

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