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Wedding Band Hot Tips – How to have an Amazing Wedding Reception

Simply Swing’s top tips for the perfect Wedding Day!

We’ll show you how to have an amazing wedding reception and you won’t believe how simple it is to get it right.  So here goes …

The perfect wedding day should be approximately 9 hours long from start to finish.  That’s it!

Here’s our very simple formula that we think works a treat.

2 pm Ceremony Time = 7.30 pm Evening Reception Time

The band should therefore start at 8 pm and end at 11 pm

This equation almost always works out perfectly.

This will be a long enough day for everyone.
Don’t be tempted to stretch things out a bit as you will have gaps somewhere in the day.  Gaps mean loss of continuity and stagnation.  The perfect wedding day should flow.

If you really want a midnight finish then consider a 3.30 pm or 4 pm wedding ceremony, with your band starting at 9 pm.  Or, why not have a very early wedding at, say Noon, and ending it in the early evening thus leaving your guests wanting just a little more … how perfect would that be?


Our swing band has the experience of literally hundreds of successful wedding receptions behind us and, as such, can offer you a professional and knowledgeable helping hand throughout the entire organisational process of your wedding entertainment.

To have a truly amazing wedding reception party a few simple procedures need to be in place which will make a huge difference to the flow of your evening wedding entertainment.

So, go grab yourself the wedding reception party of a lifetime by following our 3 HOT TIPS:


THE BAR – try to ensure that the bar is in the same room as the party. We have seen so many guests disappear off to the bar only to get caught in a deep conversation with someone they haven’t seen for a while and meanwhile, they are missing the party!


THE ROOM SIZE – when booking your wedding venue, try to ensure that the room where your party will be is large enough to house ALL your guests. You want everyone to be a part of the party.


MUSIC AT A SENSIBLE VOLUME. Yes loud music really is a killer. A wedding will have a huge spread of age ranges and many guests won’t have seen each other for a long time and will just want to chat and catch up. Being blasted out by a disco or loud function band will usually mean them finding a quiet place away from the party. You want people joining the party not leaving it!

This is where our swing band really comes into its own: playing a range of musical styles from Charleston, Rat Pack, Swing, Jive, Mambo, Soul and even a little bit of Motown – we’ll cleverly ‘read’ the crowd and ensure that ALL your guests enjoy the party and we’ll keep them dancing all night.

Good luck with organising your wedding band entertainment and have the party of a lifetime!

Money Saving Hot Tips

Schedule your wedding for off-peak times of the year. You will have more negotiating power by planning a wedding in November or January through March – except for the usual popular dates such as Valentine’s Day- and should be able to pick up all your suppliers much much cheaper including the venue hire.

Choose any other day of the week than Saturday. It’s still the most popular day to marry but it’s also the most expensive. You will find rates much cheaper mid-week with some cracking venue hire deals to be had. Your guests will probably be more than happy to have a day off work and parents and older relatives will most likely be retired. Remember, suppliers are much more likely to be able to sell a Saturday than a Thursday so you should be able to negotiate a deal with them too.

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