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School Summer Balls

Your School Ball is probably the biggest annual fundraiser of the year for your school. Ballgowns, tuxedos, fabulous hair: everything is perfect.  Now all you need is the perfect band!

Swing Band For School Balls & Proms

Do you need a band for your Annual Summer School Ball?  The kind of band that will kick-start your fundraising?

Then book us for your school ball as a 5 piece band and you’ll get an evening of amazing music which is lots of fun.

We understand that your School Ball will be a PTFA committee decision and that it’s probably the one official fundraiser for the year for your school. Profits from this maybe used to enhance the provision of the education of the schools’ pupils during the next few years so you need to make sure that the band you choose will enhance your funds whilst supplying fabulous party entertainment.

Your School Ball is a great opportunity for you to support your school and a chance to celebrate its achievements as parents, teachers and friends. We’d like to join you in that experience.

If you’ve found yourself on the Committee and haven’t organised a School Ball before then Simply Swing will be happy to help you with a format for the evening that is impressive, fundraising and, above all, is a great night out for everyone.

Why Simply Swing is a great choice for School Balls:-

  • We’ll get everyone dancing with great music.
  • We’ll read the crowd and respond to what they are enjoying, giving them more of it.  We’ll also change direction quickly when they’re not!
  • You’ve made the effort to look amazing.  You can count on us to do the same and SOUND amazing too!
  • You can use our PA system for your raffle or auction.
  • We’ll make booking your entertainment as easy as possible.  You’ve got plenty to think about putting the School Ball together so hand the entertainment over the us and sit back and relax.
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