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Background Jazz Band

For parties and occasions requiring an unplugged and affordable option, Simply Swing offers a smaller swing jazz band, providing ambiance with just a little hint of dancing without compromising on musical quality.

Background Jazz Band For Parties & Events

The perfect backdrop whilst guests are enjoying canapés and champagne is our background jazz band (usually a trio or quartet) is suitable for Corporate Networking events, Wedding Drinks Receptions, Dinner Music, Birthday Parties, Cocktail Parties and Product Launches. Featuring either vocals or a swinging instrumental line-up, we’ll seduce you with jazz grooves, latin jazz and classic ballads creating the perfect atmosphere for any smaller event.

Whether we’re playing Sam Cooke or Rodgers and Hart, our interpretations are faithful to the composers’ intent, with timing and phrasing always at the core.  It’s all about cool, an eternally alluring quality which we bring to our music. We are meticulous in our choice of repertoire to make sure that we are a backdrop to conversation and not an interruption.

Swing Jazz Band

Swing Jazz Band

You will hear a selection of songs evoking nostalgic glimpses of a more glamorous past from the classic American songbook repertoire of Gershwin, Porter, Kern and Berlin through to the bossa nova’s of Antonio Carlos Jobim and easy on the ear pop repertoire of Bacharach and David. For this is a genre of music that is timeless and everlasting; cool and current.

If you’re looking for music to get people dancing then the fuller format of our larger ensembles can adjust the pace and prominence accordingly.

Jazz Bands Unplugged

What is unplugged music?  Well theoretically it’s acoustic music with no amplification whatsoever.  However, it tends to refer to music that would normally be played on amplified instruments (such as an electric guitar or keyboard) but is instead played on instruments that are not electronically amplified – although it’s considered acceptable for a microphone to be used for vocals.  Unplugged music is normally played sitting down.

For venues with restricted licences which are unable to have amplified music, Simply Swing offers an unplugged option.  Saxophone, guitar, double bass and percussion makes for an amazing uplifting musical sound with volume kept to a minimum.  This line-up is great at relocating to other rooms quickly and discreetly should you wish to have us play for reception drinks, followed by dinner music.  Again, our line-ups can be mixed and matched to create bespoke entertainment.

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